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NO commission for selling through the cycle to work scheme anymore When listed on cycletowork.ie

Voucher companies charge between 8% & 12% +vat for the privilege of sending a customer to you for a bike under the cycle to work scheme. Every tax payer in Ireland is entitled to buy a bicycle from a tax compliant shop of their choice by law, you will see this reference on our site www.cycletowork.ie & a copy of it can be sent by request, fill out the request form on the home page.

We constantly get calls from the public thinking that voucher companies of various names are “the cycle to work scheme,” as we all know this is not the case & we are offering the public a direct link to you with no strings attached so you can service them under the scheme directly without incurring large commission’s.

www.cycletowork.ie is very simple, your shop will be listed with your name, contact details including a direct click link to your web site, email address, telephone number & a brief description of what bike styles you sell, easy!! Then you service the customer as you do now.

No contract & NO commission, we simply charge a €100 12 Month subscription fee, renewable only if the site is working for your business & your happy. In real terms if you get one €1000 sale from the scheme because of your listing on cycletowork.ie, your year’s subscription will be covered compared to the on average 10% (€100)per sale at the moment. Not only will the subscription fee cover administration for cycletowork.ie but we will also give 10% of revenues received to cycling charities across Ireland.

Our site is aimed at advising the public that they can buy form any shop they choose & providing them with the legal proof that they can, putting them in contact with a bike shop of their choice through our site & saving you on average €100 per sale under the scheme so you can pass any discounts to the customer.

It’s a win win situation for cycling in Ireland & you should be part of it.


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