The First Historical tribute to the HighNelly & will feature the bicycle missing for 60 years & rode by Michael Collins

After listening to your piece on the Titanic’s Violin, I wanted to bring your attention to an Irish story of the same magnitude by an Irish Company who are World leading bicycle historians & would make great listening on your brilliant show.

The History of the HighNelly Bicycle has be professionally documented for the first time in an exhibition soon to travel the Country. The Exhibition will be unveiled in Limerick at the Elemental festival this Saturday 14th September.

Michael Collins BicycleExtremely rare artifacts will be on display including: wooden pedals, WW2 black-out bike lights & bikes spanning back to 1904.

The star bike of the exhibition is no doubt the 1919 bicycle which forms part of the ongoing documentary investigation involving the Limerick Company, HighNelly Ltd from Cappamore that discovered this bike linked to Micheal Collins & that all famous picture.

The story of the rise to fame for the now legendary bicycle is told throughout the exhibition with extracts documenting World Wars & Irelands bicycle manufacturing history from the 1930’s to the 1980’s.

The exhibition is free to all with HighNelly historian Marty Mannering on hand to answer any questions & give valuable advice about how to get your old bike from the shed & get it back onto the road.

The exhibition has been painstakingly put together to educate the younger members of our Country about the transport revolution that was “the bicycle” covering its concept sketch by Leonardo Davinci in the 15th Century through history, to the times we relied on the HighNelly to quite literally survive in Ireland.

The exhibition starts its journey across Ireland this weekend in Limerick moving onto Mayo for the Quiet man festival documenting the bikes used in the iconic movie & will be available for schools, museums & Civic building use throughout 2014.


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