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Bike Restoration workshop

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9am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday
Closed Sunday & Monday


If you want to restore your bike then we have all the parts you need, we also take full restoration projects. It's a bit of a pick & mix when pricing such a job because of the amount of parts needed, you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you like. The more you can save/salvage from the bike the smaller the cost!!




That is the question?
If you would like to sell a highnelly bike, please send a few photographs using If you want to get your bike restored you can also send a photograph that would help but the following is a guide:

We only FULLY restore Highnelly bikes, or sell the parts to enable you to do the restoration. A full costing of parts are available from our Parts Page so you can estimate what will need to be replaced at what cost if you did the job yourself or we took on the FULL restoration, if we do it then add the costs below to your parts list when calculated.

Set Labour Charge - Strip & Build: €200

Sand Blast, Powder Coating: €350

New parts - See our parts page

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